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Troubleshooting Your RV's Water Heater

Having access to an RV can make it easier to enjoy the amenities of home while you are in the great outdoors. Many people like having hot water while they are camping, and an RV equipped with a hot water heater can fill this need. The hot water heater on your RV is powered by propane, so troubleshooting any performance issues could vary slightly from addressing problems with your home's water heater.

Here are three tips that you can use to ensure your propane water heater is working properly in the future.

1. Make sure your propane water heater has power.

In order to circulate hot water through your RV, your water heater relies on a pump. This water pump is powered by a battery, which means that it can lose power at any time. If you are having trouble accessing hot water inside your RV, then you should check to ensure the battery powering the pump is working properly.

Replace the battery often so that you won't be left without a hot water pump the next time you are camping in the wilderness.

2. Make sure the heating element is working properly.

In order to create the heated water that you need to bathe, do dishes, and wash your hands inside your RV, the propane heating the liquid in your water heater's tank must be ignited. This ignition typically occurs within the heating element.

As soon as you notice trouble with the delivery of your hot water, you should remove the cover from the bottom heating element. Check to see if the heating element is producing a flame. If there is no flame, propane isn't being ignited to heat the water in the tank. You will need to clear out any clogs that are preventing propane from traveling effectively to the heating element.

3. Replace the anode rod.

The water stored in your propane heater's hot water tank can begin to erode the interior walls of the tank over time. This could lead to dangerous leaks and a serious lack of hot water.

An anode rod is inserted into the water to allow the minerals to attach to this rod in order to prevent them from deteriorating the walls of your tank. Be sure that you replace your anode rod regularly to ensure that the propane hot water heater in your RV functions properly.

Being able to troubleshoot and maintain your propane hot water heater properly allows you to enjoy the benefits of heated water while spending time in the great outdoors. Contact a company, like Taylor Gas Company Inc, for more helpl.