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Understanding Energy Consumption

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Is Your Well Unwell? Private Water Well Management Tips For Homeowners

Private water well systems are a common source of healthy water for Americans in every state of the nation. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 15 million households are provided water through a private water well. Private wells that are drilled and made ready for usage by properly certified professionals will typically provide a safe water supply for decades of usage, but an occasional problem can occur with water quality or the components needed to move the well into the house. If you own a home that is served by a private water well, these management tips can help keep your well healthy and pumping for years to come. 

Invest in regular water testing

Since well water supplies are fed by underground aquifers that form as rain water is received above ground and filters down through the layers of rock and soil, contaminants from the surface can affect the quality of the water below. In the home setting, some common examples of potential contamination risks include fecal matter from pets, livestock, or human septic systems, as well as chemicals and substances that are allowed to leach into the soil in the area of the well.

By taking time to learn about private water well testing and investing in regular tests, homeowners will be able to confirm that their water supply is healthy for their family to consume. If a water test does indicate a problem with purity, homeowners can often install some type of filtration system to restore water quality to their home.

Listen for unusual noises when the pump is operating

Problems with the pump or other mechanical components are one of the leading causes of private water well problems. In most cases, these components will offer clues that a problem exists before they completely stop working. Homeowners can learn what their pump sounds like when it is working by accessing the pump area while water is being used in the home. The pump will make a barely audible noise each time it engages to pump additional water to the pressure tank. 

Once homeowners are familiar with the normal sound of their water well pump, it will become easier for them to notice any noises that could indicate a problem is occurring. Loud hammering noises are one example and can indicate a problem with the pressure tank that should be addressed quickly to prevent the well pump from cycling on and off too frequently. 

Resist the temptation of DIY repairs

Water quality is critical to health, so homeowners who have concerns about the purity of their water supply or the condition of their well and pumping components should always contact a reputable water well drilling company or pump repairs company in their area when assistance or additional information is needed.